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700th Revolver Picture Set Just Posted

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Author Topic: Colt Walker Percussion , Flask and Holster  (Read 3649 times)

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Colt Walker Percussion , Flask and Holster
« on: December 22, 2012, 05:18:03 PM »

Colt Walker Percussion , Flask and Holster.

SN C COMPANY 194. Cal. 44. One of only 1,000 of these massive revolvers produced for the U.S. Army in 1847. Prior to introduction of the Walker the only available repeating handgun was the Paterson revolver which, although effective was not terribly reliable and was prone to malfunction. A young Army captain, by the name of Samuel Walker, approached Samuel Colt with the request for a more powerful handgun and with his collaboration this model of revolver was the result. To honor Capt. Walker Mr. Colt named it after him. Capt. Walker was the commander of Company C Dragoons, scheduled to depart for the war with Mexico, but was delayed in his arrival. When he arrived in Mexico and joined his unit he anticipated that his request for the Company C revolvers would be the first to be issued and to his unit. That was not to be as a more influential commander, Col. John Hays, finagled the system and Company C's revolvers were issued to his command. Of the 1,000 revolvers produced for five companies, A thru E, only 500 were ever issued in Mexico and saw combat in that war. Col. Colt gifted Capt. Walker with a pair of Walker pistols which were returned to Capt. Walker's family when he was killed in battle. After the capture of Mexico City, with the war over, the troops were to be embarked for return to the United States and were ordered to turn in their Walker pistols. With the losses in battle and failure to comply with orders, only about half of the orig issue was recovered. The second lot of 500 Walker pistols were never issued and were returned to San Antonio Arsenal along with the recovered Walker pistols. They were then issued to the Texas Rangers and other military units fighting the Indians & outlaws in Texas and the Southwest. At the outbreak of the Civil War those Walker pistols remaining in the San Antonio Arsenal were captured by the Confederacy and issued to their troops. These pistols apparently saw service throughout the Civil War with very few surviving in orig configuration with any orig finish. Many of these pistols wound up in Mexico where they were generally altered by having their bbls cut. This revolver is usual configuration with 9" oct to rnd bbl, German silver front sight and left hand 1-line address. Right side of bbl lug is marked "1847". The "US" marking that should be above this date is worn away. Left side of bbl lug is marked with the SN as is the left side of the frame. Trigger guard is marked in tiny letters "C COM-Y NO194". The SN on buttstrap is only partially visible and the SN on the cyl is worn away. Mounted with its orig 1-pc walnut grip with "194" in the front strap cutout. A tiny "194" is stamped on front end of frame between the bbl lug pins, on bottom of cyl arbor and on right side of the trigger guard front strap, under the grip. The rammer handle appears to be an old orig equipment replacement and the rammer retention stud is a modern replacement. Accompanied by a wonderful basketweave tooled dbl loop mail order holster and an orig "COLTS PATENT" Walker flask with plunger spout. It has low mounted triangular hanger rings and "COLTS PATENT" marked ball cavity cover on top. The top is also marked with the inspector initials "WAT" (William A. Thornton) and a small "P".. Also accompanied by a Texas Gun Collector Association certificate dated Spring 2003 from the "Parade of Walkers" and signed by four extremely well-known and knowledgeable collectors: Paul Sorrell, Bobby Smith, Bobby Vance & Michael Simens. PROVENANCE: Dr. John & Margaret Pickup Collection. CONDITION: About good, all matching except wedge which is unnumbered and cyl which number is worn away. No orig finish remains with the bbl & rammer a mottled gray/brown patina with light nicks & dings and fine pitting around the muzzle; rammer handle retains dark blue; frame retains a dull blue finish; cyl is a medium gray/brown patina with some light nicks & dings; trigger guard is a medium to dark mustard patina and the backstrap a mottled silver/brown patina; wedge is a replacement and is missing its spring. Grip has slightly chipped toes with a few nicks & scratches and a couple of dings on each bottom edge and retains a fine hand worn patina with orig finish on bottom edges. Mechanics are fine, worn dark bore with a ring about 2" from cyl end. Holster is sound, lightly crackled showing moderate wear & soil. Flask is sound with a few small dents and retains about 60-70% blackish oxided brass patina

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