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Author Topic: Ruger Old Army History  (Read 2648 times)

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Ruger Old Army History
« on: November 18, 2012, 04:11:12 PM »

The Ruger Old Army is a black-powder percussion revolver introduced in 1972 by the Sturm, Ruger company. The revolver is unusual in that, unlike most percussion revolvers on the market, it was not based on a historical design, but was a modification of Ruger's Blackhawk model, which was itself based upon the cartridge-firing Colt Peacemaker. The revolver accordingly incorporates many modern design features, though employing antiquated black-powder component loading.

Although this design was built around the Blackhawk, it takes its styling cues from the Remington Model 1858 cap and ball pistol.It was made from 1972 to 2008 when it was discontinued.

According to Ruger, the Old Army features an interlocking base pin and rammer assembly that will not unlatch during recoil. It also makes cylinder removal more trouble than with Ruger single action cartridge revolvers or Remington pattern cap and ball revolvers. The Old Army was available in satin stainless steel, gloss stainless steel, or blue finishes; it can be had with or without fully adjustable target-type sights, and with a 5.5" or 7.5" barrel.

A summary of the specifications of Ruger's Old Army .45 revolver are as follows.

Type: muzzleloading, cap and ball, six-shot revolver
Caliber: .45 BP
Proper ball or conical bullet diameter: .457"
Overall length: 13 1/2" (with 7.5" barrel)
Weight: 2 7/8 pounds
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