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700th Revolver Picture Set Just Posted

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Author Topic: Clark & Sherrard Percussion Revolver  (Read 2143 times)

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Clark & Sherrard Percussion Revolver
« on: October 29, 2012, 07:51:11 AM »

Clark & Sherrard Percussion Revolver

The Clark & Sherrard revolvers are close copies of the 3rd model Colt Dragoon, with the same round trigger guard and the same rectangular cylinder locking notches, but also lacking the loading aperture in the barrel lug. The cylinder is of the same length as on the Colt Dragoon.

These revolvers were manufactured by Clark & Sherrard after the end of the Civil War, and contrary to the general idea, they were not assembled from leftover Tucker & Sherrard parts. There are too many differences.

The barrel on a Clark & Sherrard has only six lands and grooves, and the grooves are larger. There is a slight gain twist.

Some have been found without etched name and cylinder scene (serial # 308 and 404). Other survivors, serial # 115, 231, 249 and 288, have an etched scene on the cylinder (allegory to the State of Texas) and the name etched on the top of the barrel lug (pictures 4 and 5). They are thought to have been issued in two different serial number series.

Based on the surviving serial numbers, one could assume that a total of 130 Tucker & Sherrard, and 400 Clark & Sherrard were manufactured. This is doubtful, however, for if the full series would have been finished, close to the end of the war, the survival rate would be much higher.

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