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Updated the Originals Section in Period Knives with New Pictures

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Author Topic: Uberti Pocket Model  (Read 1573 times)

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Uberti Pocket Model
« on: April 29, 2017, 02:43:55 PM »

Posted this on another site but thought it might be of interest. Bought a Uberti Pocket Navy and 49 Pocket  new last year. Mainspring on both were so weak that I was getting hammer blowback when simply setting off caps! Much worse when actually firing a load. I had done the usual before firing--installed Slix Shot nipples, cleaned up hammer face, Rem#10 caps, actions cleaned up, etc. I ordered two new mainsprings but they were exactly like the originals. Long story short, I took a stock Colt SAA mainspring, which was much heavier, and after trimming a little off each end it fit the Pocket Navy perfectly. Hammer pull was a bit heavier but not bad and same for the trigger pull. Went to the range and fired 25 rounds, result being one slight hammer blowback(round #20) and a partial cap suck(round#22). By that time the hammer face was pretty fouled and that might have caused the glitch. Either way I can live with the improvement. Seems like the current stock Uberti springs are not strong enough for reliable functioning. Had a similar pair of Uberti Pockets 20 years ago and didn't have any issues. Now, gotta do the same to the 49 Pocket
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