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Title: Lube Pills
Post by: Navy Six on May 19, 2018, 07:02:33 AM
Been using these lately and I'm very happy with the ease of use and results. Basically a pea sized ball of Gatofeo #1 that I drop in corn meal. The corn meal dusting makes the pills easy to handle with no sticky mess. They are dropped right on top of the powder charge(sometimes a paper cartridge without a bullet) and the ball rammed home. If shooting right away I don't use a card wad to separate  the lube and powder. These pills, for me, are a lot easier to make than the wool wads(which do work well) which have to punched out and soaked in lube in whatever manner is easy for you.
 I make the pills by pouring melted Gatofeo #1 into a lube ribbon extruder which produces a 1/4" X 1/2" ribbon. I then cut off a small piece, roll it in my fingers to a rough ball shape and drop them in the corn meal. This makes carrying the pills--in the field or Cowboy match, etc.--convenient as they are easy to handle and don't stick together. I just put the finished pills in some type of small container such as a shoe polish can or Altoids tin and off you go. The corn meal dusting also seems to help keep the pills from drying out. I have more testing to do in that regard, but so far some of the pills are more than three months old and working fine. I found it expedient to slightly vary the size of the pill between the 36's and 44's. Except for the Dragoons-- I just drop two of anything down that cavernous chamber. :)