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I am wanting an Uberti '62 Police. I understand it to have a max load of about 25 grns of 3F. Were you to design a FN bullet for it would you make the OAL the same as a RB (.380") that might weigh ~125 grns or would you make it shorter (~.350") so as to have a slightly higher max load and a bullet that weighs ~100 grns?

With sporting grade powder this ought to perform similarly to a 38 S&W/380 ACP/38 Spl.

Why not make a flat slug .350 long and .380 diameter - maybe with a base tapering to .370 to make loading easier? That way you would get maximum weight for minimum length. I assume your looking for a self defense loading so maximum weight and powder available in the small package?

I think the round nose, fancy shapes, and all the rest aren't necessary in an application like this. Accuracy should be good at the distances you would be using it at, who needs 1" groups at 25 yards for a self defense pistol

Ah, now I see what you meant.

I'd be somewhat concerned with it hitting the forcing cone. I like the idea of a little taper up front.

And yes, it would potentially be used for self defense.

Since mass equals better penetration it seems to make sense to go for a bullet the length of a RB, but with the small powder capacity of a '62 having some more go go juice makes some sense.

I had also thought about the Kaido bullet you like, but at 140 grns it seems it would be rather large for such an application. It makes me think of the big slow bullet from a 38 S&W. I'm wanting 1000 fps or more as I figure it'll help it expand a little bit too.

Only my twisted sense of logic, but I'd think the bullet would make a better, easier transition into the riflings were it slightly tapered. I know wadcutters are used often in target revolvers, but it just doesn't seem like a good idea.


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