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Is anyone familier with these bullets for BP revolvers? These are in 36 but they also came in 44. They are swaged not cast and I

only have a few hundred left.I got thm from a con man and swindler and I don't know if anyone else is making them. They have a

hollow base that expands to take the rifling, a round nose, a band around the tip that shaves off, and a base that drops into the

cylinder. In use they seem to work like a wadcutter, are very accurate, easy to load, and I would like some more:

I don't have any info for you on them, but I sure would like to know where they can be found. The concept is similar to the Hornady FBP bullet for BP rifles and the PowerBelts. The thing I would be curious about is this: Is the ring near the tip of the bullet the only thing in contact with the cylinder wall? If so, can the base swing one way or the other to "cock" the bullet in the chamber? Also, with such a small contact surface and if shooting a heavier load, will the bullet walk forward in the cylinder when other chambers are fired?


The base is a tight fit but fits do they go in straight and stay put

long hunter:
You can get them from cabelas. I believe they're by a company called buffalo bullets.

Buffalo bullets are different I think


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