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I had Tom at Accurate Molds work a hybrid bullet between some previously made bullets. It keeps the same wide meplat for hunting and has the longer seating base and is also short for its weight so as not to take up too much powder capacity. The lube groove is also the same which is more shallow than many but has seemed to hold plenty of lube in my other designs.

It will be a while before I order the mold, but this is the bullet at 245 grns:

I may end up getting a 4 cavity mold and sending it out to have 2 of the hollow pointed for me along with the rams to have them tapped for a screw in pin to keep the cavity from deforming upon loading.

Looks good. Keep us posted when you get it.

Will do!

I had to open up the loading window on my Pietta Remington NMA to accommodate both my 170 and 195 grn WFN bullets (the 170 grn bullet is a mere 0.400" long), and I suspect I'll need to do further modifying for this bullet as well.

Very interesting.


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