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Nice looking revolver. A firing replica should be made!

Joslyn Firearms Company / Re: Joslyn Army Model Revolver
« on: February 05, 2015, 10:22:01 PM »
Nice looking one!

Joslyn Firearms Company / Re: Benjamin F. Joslyn Army Model Revolver
« on: February 05, 2015, 10:11:43 PM »
The Joslyn Army Revolver looks well made. The barrel/cylinder gap looks tight, a good thing. It would be nice to see a firing replica made of it.

Gunsmithing / Re: Deepening chambers
« on: February 05, 2015, 10:03:44 PM »
It depends of which era Replicas we are talking about. Those Percussion replicas made before the year 2000, usually had cylinder chambers that were "Funneled" with metal steps in them. Toda6ys replicas are strait walled and generally there is no need to take any more metal out, with the advent of Hotter more powerful powders like Triple Seven, Swiss, Goex Old Eyensford, Black Mag 3 ,Black MZ, Pyrodex, Super Powder, etc the newer strait walled cylinder will suffice as in hunting purposes. The older cylinders especially in Colts I recommend those who wish to hunt with them to take out the extra metal. There  is no structural problem or weakness in doing so, provided it is correctly done. My friend Master Black Powder Gunsmith Mr. Dykes Reber of the Muzzleloader Shop in N Little Rock Ark. He offers this and all major repairs and  modifications on Percussion Revolvers. You can contact his shop at 501) 758-2222.

Colt Brevette / Re: Liege Colt Brevete Revolver
« on: February 05, 2015, 09:49:50 PM »
Nice Looks like improved with a what appears to be a longer cylinder than traditional 1851 Navy as well as higher front sight.

That is a real beauty and gives the Colt a run of its money. Clearly ahead of its time with the Wire skeleton attachable stock. Looks like it could be 36 caliber. It would be nice to see a firing replica made of it.

I wonder about this Model 1857. To me the cylinder looks longer then the Colt 1851 and barrel as well. What do you think?
I addition the Loading port is low like it was designed for Round balls where Colt was for both round balls and Conicals, And what type of rifling twist was in it? Progressive Gain Twist like Colt Remington etc? How many of this model were made and which troops carried them? I will have to do more research, it would be nice to see Pietta etc make a Firing Replica of it

Colt Brevette / Re: Russian Made Colt Style Revolver
« on: February 05, 2015, 07:58:46 PM »
I Really like this Imperial Russian "Dragoon". It looks like the Tula Russian Gunsmiths , improved on Colts Dragoon. With a 1851/60 Loading lever latch, easy removable (Screw) grip panels, Longer Cylinder and Longer Barrel then Colt Dragoon. Do others  here see the Barrel and Cylinder Longer then Colt Dragoon and possibly as long as a Walker?
I also wonder what type of Rifling it has and what style of projectile the mold makes. I guess one would have to visit St Petersburg Russia, The Hermitage Museum for further info.I have asked Pietta to make a firing copy of this beauty, I hope that they do so.

Tranter / Re: Trantner Revolver
« on: February 05, 2015, 07:47:32 PM »
From what I gather The UK is very Tolitarian   and people who lawfully own Percussion revolver would have lots of legal problems if they defend themselves. The UK is far from what is said in the Magna Cartera.

Hunting / Re: Types of hunting you do with your revolver(s)
« on: January 01, 2015, 03:53:40 AM »
I hunt all lawful Small, Medium and Big Game with my Percussion Revolvers. Deer, Bear and Wild Boar, I could hunt turkey but it has to be with Shot Loaded in the Cylinder as that is the Law in New York State.

 The Percussion Revolver, is a timeless efficient and outstanding implement for hunting. It has been overlooked, marginalized and maligned. Most of this negativity is due to the way The 20th century Replica Revolvers were made with smaller cylinder chambers and barrel bores, smaller frames etc and Weaker Powders Propellants, all of which were not up to par with the original 19th Century Revolvers and Powders. About the year 2000 the majority of Replica Percussion Revolvers were being produced with larger frames, bigger strait walled down to the start of the Nipple threads, new Powders propellants available, like Swiss; Goex, Express/Old Eyensford, Triple Seven, Black MZ and projectiles like my Universal Bullets which have been proven to successfully take big game animals with Percussion Revolvers  have aided and expanded the possibilities of a slowly growing new old way so to speak of ethically harvesting game animals. Check out my Facebook page (Kaido93) which has a lot on Hunting with Percussion Revolvers. While we have to be careful of Facebook, it can be used as a good source to spread the positive uses of ethical hunting with Percussion Revolvers, I urge all to do so.

For those interested in propagating and aiding this type of hunting, I encourage you to join my on line group, the Yahoo International Black Powder Handgun Hunters.

We are a grass roots movement that seeks to inform, educate by demonstrating ethical Hunting Practices and we also actively aggressively work to overturn arbitrary laws and regulations in various venues which wrongly prohibit our ethical way of hunting.

The situation with Older Produced Percussion Replica Revolvers, had several complications amongst them Legal, Liability . The fear of being sued etc. Many early Produced Percussion Revolvers had smaller frames, barrel and cylinder boars and had metal steps in the cylinders so one could not place maximum powder charges in them. From what I have seen Original Percussion Revolver from the 19th Century were over all larger and had bigger bore diameters as well as deeper cylinder chambers, some say even on the originals the Cylinder walls were tapered had steps, from what I have seen that was not the case. The Replica Percussion Revolvers made after the year 2000 from what I have seen, have now larger frames and the cylinder bores are bored strait and down low as possible to the start of the threads of the nipples. Pietta Uberti made Replica Revolvers have the Cylinders bored strait and are large. Some say this came into being with the advent of Conversion Cylinders that would now require a stronger frame and overall gun. I am very Pleased that Pietta/Uberti etc now make their Percussion revolvers this way, as it is line with the Original sizing and allows for more powder to be used in the cylinders. That is important for people wishing to use a Percussion Revolver as a Hunting implement especially for Big Game Animals. With the development of hotter powders and propellants that are also in line with the 19th century fine sporting pistol powders and the invention of my Universal Bullets for Hunting use, today's Percussion Revolvers have become real choices for the hunter to take afield weather as a backup side arm or as a main hunting implement they are Big Medicine!. So the New Deeper Strait walled Cylinder Chambers are a great improvement that should be retained and not done away with. Kaido Ojamaa.

Caps / Re: Winchester Magnum BP Caps #11
« on: January 01, 2015, 03:10:20 AM »
My Experience with Winchester Percussion Caps is that they are a Failure. Using them, I have experienced so many Duds, one right after the other. As many of you know I have used my Percussion Revolvers as the Real Deal, for Protection, As a Security Guard and Hunter. I would Never Recommend Them to anyone especially my customer base; those people that hunt big dangerous game with a Percussion Revolver, as those caps are Un Dependable and can get you killed and loose an opportunity to take a big game animal. Save your life and money, avoid Winchester Percussion Caps.  Kaido Ojamaa.

Projectiles / Re: Design A .36 Cal Bullet
« on: January 01, 2015, 03:03:37 AM »
Hi Guys Happy New Year 2015!

I do have Two Cavity Alum Molds in my Universal Bullets in 36 Caliber as well. The Bullets in 36 Caliber are .377 of an inch at the widest, they are 140 grains and the same Round Flat Nose Design as my bigger 44/45 caliber Universal Bullets are. The 36 Caliber VKV SMG (Small Medium Game) are truly Universal, in addition to Percussion Revolvers, they have been successfully tested in 357 Magnum Revolvers with good results. Molds Are $59.00 ea. Shipping is usually $10.00 to $13.00 in the USA. Those interested in obtaining any Kaido Universal Molds can contact me at

Cleaning, Maintaining, Repairs, and Other / Re: Bullet Casting Videos
« on: November 10, 2012, 01:20:09 AM »
These are some of the best videos out there to show a person how to start to cast lead bullets. Cowboy T, realy does an excellent job. I highly recommend them to beginning bullet casters, they helped me. Many Thanks to Cowboy T!

Hunting / Percussion Revolver and Black Powder handgun Hunting groups
« on: November 10, 2012, 12:58:50 AM »
I wish to let everyone know that I moderate a Yahoo group, the International Black Powder Handgun Hunters. It is a small group of real dedicated hunters who like to use Percussion revolvers and pistols in hunting, small, medium and big game. We strive to advocate, clarify, espouse, sustain and expand  ethical and proper hunting methods with these excellent hunting implements, in the United States and abroad. Any series hunter who has the desire to hunt with a Percussion Revolver or pistol may join the group.

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